Successful Broadcast !

Today’s church service was heard across the area!  This signifies a great deal of success  to our trip.  It seems we just got here, but we accomplished a lot. We spent the day setting up Pastor Mioche’s studio. He is ready to begin his regular studio broadcasts.

We also unpacked the bowls and spoons donated by St. John’s and the VBS children.  These will be well used at the Bouyaha School.  Everyone is excited to have them.

We head out early in the morning.  We should be on the road by 5 AM, and then a long day traveling (resting in airports!).

100_3235 100_3237 100_3239 100_3242 100_3243

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102.5 Is On The Air!

We managed to get Pastor Mioche on the air today.  We were able to get his old transmitter up and running with the new antenna equipment.  We set up the new micro wave link between the church and the radio station, so Pastor Mioche plans to broadcast tomorrow’s church service. He is excited to be able to broadcast again.

It’s been another long and hot day again.  But we have accomplished what we set out to do and feel good about our progress.  We have a bit more to do tomorrow, but will have time to look at the school and the chicken project.

100_3230 100_3231 100_3232 100_3233

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A Long Day Of Work

We had great success today with the tower, antenna, and feed cable.  They are ready to go and awaiting the transmitter. Unfortunately we discovered the transmitter is not working.  We are looking for a solution, but not holding our breath.

Having a great time working with Pastor Mioche and the guys here.  It is warm …  in the high 90’s, intense sun, and a mega dose of humidity.

100_3214100_3216100_3222 100_3226

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We are here!

Weary from a 19 hour journey, but we made it safe and sound.  The road from Port Au Prince was a rough/muddy mess.  Four wheel drive served us well.

We start work in the morning.  Will update again tomorrow.


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Radio Station Upgrade

Dennis Foster and Brian Schultz are traveling to Pignon to assist with upgrading Pastor Mioche’s radio station.  Over the past 2 years,  a new transmitter, antenna, and other equipment have been donated and sent to Pastor Mioche.  Now is the time for the equipment to be installed and put in to service.

Local station KNLW New Life 98.9 donated a radio transmitter to Pastor Mioche so he could increase his broadcast power and reach.  That lead to additional donations by St. John’s members of a new antenna, cables, and other gear to maximize the benefit of the new transmitter.  That in turn lead to the current work to remodel the radio station, including the addition of a second story.  The original radio station was very small and cramped.  The entire space was no larger than a small office.  The remodel will provide larger studio space and more room for equipment.  It is amazing how one good gesture leads to another,  and another, and another …

Brian is an engineer who supports KNLW’s operations.  He has graciously offered his expertise and support to help complete this project.  We will update this blog while in Pignon.

Radio Station 2 new look nice antenna

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The Start Of The Latrine

We spent so much time on the school painting and dedication that we didn’t mention the latrine project.  The project is off to a good start.  You can see the back of the school in the background of the first picture.  The plan calls for a 12 room building; a big improvement over the 3 room latrine they have now.

DSCN9964 DSCN9963


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The Last Post For This Trip … Watch For Updates On This Ministry

We have been blessed with more than 100 shirts given to us from Thrivent Financial to share with our friends in Haiti. These shirts capture the essence of our mission very well. This has been a great opportunity for all of us to live generously. We have had the privilege to represent the hands and feet of all of you who have given generously.


DSCN1024   DSCN1021

Following is a collection of photos and memories from the trip.  We will share more soon.

100_3194 DSCN9679 P1050205 P1050327 P1050335 DSCN0017 P1050627 DSCN0997 DSCN1000 P1050865 P1050969 100_3190

DSCN9671 P1050070


We have been very fortunate to have Wayne along to take 100’s of photos. It is good that he is handier with his camera than his phone!

IMG_1911 IMG_1912


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