Blessings and Beyond

Our last day was met with mixed emotions.  We have had an incredible week building relationships with the people of Bouyaha and Pignon, and among ourselves.  We will leave with sad hearts, but look forward to reuniting with family and friends.

The morning started with the market women and Bead Blessing women visiting us to sell their souvenirs and jewelry.


We had some downtime for cards and dominoes.


Then off to visit a local orphanage. The orphanage is home to 48 children age 3 to 23.


Our hosts were gracious to roast some fantastic coffee beans for us to take home.


We finished the day with a festive dinner with the team that took care of us all week, and with special guests Linda (Luckinger’s sister) and Joseph.  Julia delivered a heartfelt farewell from all of us, the girls (Julia, Markayla, Annabel, and Amanda) sang songs, everyone did the hokey-pokey, Joez showed us his moves, the “guys” (including Mioche) all sang, and we played Casino (card game) and dominoes.  It was a fun filled evening and a great way to end the week.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!









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